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About Evenue

How to search for a venue? Browse, Search by city, then use filters to narrow your search and find the perfect venue. Connect. Talk directly to the venue. and get a quote. Book. Finalize details, receive proposals and accept and pay payment.

Evenue - It's an amazing tool where you can find wedding and all related venues nearby your region, capacity or type. Get photos and important details. Find your perfect wedding venue at your finger tips.

E-Venue 4 U is a leading mobile consulting and development firm located in Jaipur, The E-Venue 4U team is making it easier to find and book venues in India. We are a young team that loves to find all kinds of trendy, chic, professional, or unique venues. We are building a product that showcases the amazing spaces we come across and at the same time, we aim to help event organizers save time and effort when looking for their kind of venues. The ultimate objective is to connect the right people to the right kind of venues. E-Venue 4 U works closely with clients to form long term mobile strategy and executes that across mobile platforms. E-Venue 4 U solutions is one of the early starters in mobile revolution and helped organizations to build successful mobile products across mobile platforms and to launch it in multiple State in India. E-Venue 4 U solutions usability expertise comes from animation interests that the firm has and we do not stop at usability. For us, any application we build should be fun to use and must be a visual delight.

Our Mission

We believe that even though we're so often communicating and socialising online, it’s those offline social events and activities that are most important. So we are starting off making it easier for people to organise offline social events and find venues for them. What we have created is a mobile as well as web-based venue discovery service that links event-organisers with the best function venues across INDIA. If you want to contribute towards our big hairy audacious goal to make it easier for Indians to create social experiences, you should definitely join us! .We firmly believe that we are team of problem solvers and we are ready to travel any distance to solve a problem. And we are committed to creating a happy environment where our customers, associates and vendors get the best value for their efforts.